march wrap-up

It’s that time of the month…

Since this is my blog and I get to do things my way, I figure I’ll take this opportunity to not only share my monthly wrap-up on bookish and bloggish things, but also my crafty things!  (The main reason for this is that everyone I know is sick of hearing my blabbing about my projects, so I need somewhere new to let out my nerdy excitement. I figure my lil blog will be the perfect place.)

Without further ado, here’s my March wrap-up!


bookish things


  • Total books: 6 read, 2 DNF
  • Total pages: 3,390
  • Longest book: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson
  • Shortest book: Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
  • Favorite book: Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson
  • Least favorite book: Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

mini reviews

A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab: ★★★★★
I was lucky enough to binge-read this series in one go, and A Conjuring of Light was the perfect series finale. It tied up all the loose ends, gave me all the feels, and had me bawling my eyes out for days afterward. (I’m not kidding.) Schwab did not let up on the action or the heart-wrenching POVs for the entire book.

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton: ★★★
I didn’t love this one very much, unfortunately. It was all right, intriguing enough to get me reading until the end. But I didn’t connect with Amani and although I loved Jin, the relationship just wasn’t doing it for me. Also, the pacing of the book was all over the place, and I felt pretty meh when I finished. Not super compelled to keep reading the series.

Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay: ★★★★
This was a very sweet spin on a fairy tale retelling. I loved, loved, loved the relationship between Aurora and Niklaas; something about falling in love even when the girl is disguised as a boy speaks to me. The plot was simple in this one, but there was enough action that I was never bored. A very cute and easy read.

Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson: ★★★★★
I’m grouping these together because the trilogy really just consumed me for the course of two weeks, and I enjoyed it so, so much. I was unsure about the series at first because I don’t usually read adult fantasy. Something about it just intimidates me. Also, I tend to like books best with a healthy dose of romance, or at least so I thought. This trilogy really made me realize my tastes aren’t quite what I claimed they were. I was just fine with only the smidgen of romance Sanderson gave us in the trilogy, and the adult fantasy-ness of the novel was hardly something to be intimidated by! I embraced the added complexity of the plot and realized it was exactly what I’d been missing in some YA books I’ve tried over the past few months. It didn’t hurt that Sanderson is a masterful writer (how many times can I say this about him? I used that word at least once in every Goodreads review I wrote for these books). He made me care so deeply for all the characters in the trilogy and their struggles and triumphs. I am still deeply devastated by the ending–I can’t stop thinking about it–but as I’m beginning the next set of books in the series, I think I’m slowly forgiving Sanderson. I mean, when he can produce so many great, high-quality novels, how can I really hold anything against him?


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
I picked this one up at the library because I saw it on the shelf and I had heard good things about it. I’ve skim-read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and it wasn’t my favorite, but I know she’s a big author these days so I wanted to give her another try. Since Carry On seemed like more my kind of novel instead of the usual contemporary she writes, it seemed like a good idea. Wrong. I only made it about 50 pages in before I got bored. It seemed kind of silly and I didn’t enjoy the characters. I skimmed most of the ending because I wanted to know how the romance came about, and I was glad I didn’t make myself wait until the last 100 pages to find out.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
I was surprised that I really kind of hated this book. I battled with myself so hard before setting it down. I’ve read the Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas and loved it! I had heard so many good things about her and was excited to try another series to continue soaking up her greatness. Unfortunately, Throne of Glass was on a totally different spectrum than ACOTAR. Mostly I really disliked the main character and found the writing juvenile. I think others have said the books get better as the series goes on, but I’m just really over the hype at the moment. Maybe I’ll pick up book 2 or 3 another time to give it another go.

Pax by Sarah Pennypacker
This was one of the middle grade books I got at the library because I had convinced myself I wanted to spend my free time becoming a teacher-friendly book reviewer and read books that might be found in classrooms. I have obviously decided to take my blog in a different direction; I just couldn’t find it in me to dedicate all my free time to reading books that weren’t the ones I was most interested in. I have only just rediscovered my love of reading…I want to spend as much time as I can catching up on all the good books I missed. So, I gave up on the middle grade books, for now at least.


crafty things

I have been busy this month teaching myself to crochet and experimenting with patterns. I have bought way too much yarn, made lots of terrible attempts at projects, yet also found my groove and made some cool things. Rest easy, you can anticipate MANY more pictures coming soon!

2017-04-02 12.36.01 1.jpg
My darling mug cozies! I’m just so in love with them.


  • a set of 4 dahlia coasters
  • many mug cozies (although technically they are still awaiting the last touch: a button)
  • one or two washcloths (can’t quite remember what I did at the beginning of the month!)

in progress

  • more mug cozies
  • a baby blanket (need to get more yarn to complete)
  • a hexagon blanket (which will probably take me years to complete, ayyy)


bloggish things

  • that feeling when…: my slightly obnoxiously reflective and sort of unnecessary introduction post


I suppose that’s that! March was a pretty good month in terms of bookish and crafty things, and I’m excited about April as well–especially since I’m unexpectedly starting off the month with a week off for break! I will never complain about having more time at home to do allll the things.

Until next time,


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