why you need to join LITSY

Hello all,

Today I write to you about a very important topic. I’d like to give you some advice. This is crucial to your health and well-being if you consider yourself bookish in any way.

Here it is: You need to join Litsy.

Litsy is AWESOME, it’s amazing, not many people know about it but it’s so fun and wonderful and the greatest and JUST JOIN NOW.

But wait–what IS Litsy, you ask?

Litsy is basically Instagram+Goodreads put together in one app.

But wait–isn’t “bookstagram” already in existence? And Goodreads? Why do we need yet another bookish social media?

The answer to all those questions: Litsy is better.

Read on to learn why Litsy is the greatest, and why you should join today.


Litsy is all about books.

That’s it! In your feed on Litsy, you won’t see any sort of personal posts from friends or celebrities, no ads, no pics of food or travel–NOTHING but books and bookish posts. I don’t know about you, but oftentimes bookish instagram posts get lost in the feed and they can be hard to enjoy when I’m distracted by other posts about other things. It’s nice to dwell with just the books and readers for a little while.

You can post as many beautiful (or not so beautiful) bookish pictures as your heart desires.

Yes, you can do this on Instagram too. But on Litsy, you won’t find just pictures of books. You’ll find pictures from the life of a reader too, or the life of a reading teacher or librarian. All pictures are bookish, but I find Litsy a little more real, more organic if you will. Oftentimes, “bookstagram” seems so polished and perfect. Litsy is for those of us who don’t have fancy cameras and props but still genuinely love reading and want to share that love with others.

some of my attempts at beautiful photos

But you don’t have to post pictures if you don’t want to.

Although most users do post pictures, you can create posts on Litsy without pictures as much as you want! You can rate books, write blurbs about them, or share quotes–with OR without a picture. I know my photo skills are subpar, and it can be easy to get self-conscious about it. It’s so nice to have the option of skipping a pic if I feel like it.

You can tag books in your pictures.

In fact, you have to tag a book in all your posts. Unfortunately, you can only tag one book with a picture, but you can always tag more in the comments. This is so friendly for users! You can scour the tags to read readers’ opinions or admire the pretty pictures. Or, if you see an interesting picture in your feed but don’t know the book, you can click on the tag to find out more. PLUS! Each book tag page includes a synopsis of the book, the page number, and the overall rating from Litsy members. How handy and informative, eh?

Yes, you can rate the books you’ve read.

Whether you post a picture of a book you just finished, or you go search for any book on your “read” list, you can put a rating to the book that sticks with it and gets calculated into its overall rating on Litsy. You can “pick,” “so-so,” “pan,” or “bail” a book. This rating system is so simple, and any time you encounter a book you’ve rated before, your rating shows up. Another handy reference tool!

You never have to worry about spoiling someone or being spoiled yourself.

Yet ANOTHER super handy feature of Litsy is the spoiler warning! You can tag your photos with spoilers and you can even tag comments for spoilers. This hides the entire photo or comment, so only those who want to take the risk–or have already read the book–can click on it and read.

Photo challenges, discussions, and read-alongs galore!

There are so many fun ways to be involved on Litsy. There are always at least three monthly photo challenges popping up in my feed, discussions left and right, and read-alongs open to any interested participants. Most recently, I’ve seen a read-along for lengthy tomes, a Lord of the Rings read-along, and more. You can pick and choose favorite ways to be involved with other readers, if you so desire!

my photo for a 4th of July challenge

Track your reading stats.

If you log all your reading through Litsy, it generates your stats and also gives you  
“Litfluence” points. You can see how many books you’ve read, your pages read, your likes, your comments, and your book adds. All these stats are used (somehow–I’m honestly not exactly sure how) to create your Litfluence. Your Litfluence goes higher and higher the more you use Litsy, which basically just makes you feel awesome each time your reach a new milestone.

Participate in book exchanges.

Book exchanges happen ALL THE TIME on Litsy! There have been secret exchanges and not secret exchanges, holiday exchanges and exchanges just for the fun of it! I personally haven’t participated in any yet, but I need to remedy that. Every time others post their pictures from exchanges, I get so jealous. They look like a TON of fun.

Make some friends!

Everyone on Litsy is SO friendly. I can’t say I’m super active or outgoing on Litsy, but I have always felt so welcomed when I commented on others’ photos, joined in on discussions, or received comments on my own posts. Everyone on Litsy really just wants to connect with others who love books as much as they do, and it’s so nice to be part of a genuine community like that.


So–what are you waiting for?! Haven’t I convinced you yet? Go download Litsy now! It’s available for iOS and Android, so no excuses are valid here. 😉

And, if you do decide to join up, take a look for me! My username is briski.

Until next time,


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