so, how have i done so far?

General update

Hellooo from the land of NaNoWriMo 2017!

I thought I’d share an update from the trenches, since I really haven’t been around much lately. NaNoWriMo has been basically as predicted: time-consuming, crazy, challenging, and many other not quite positive things. As you’ll see below if you keep reading, I actually started off fairly strong but let things slip more recently, due to various Real Life reasons.

Mainly, the exhaustion of starting a new job and finishing some crochet projects for my cousin’s baby shower were my obstacles during these first ten days. But I’m still determined to plug on! I’ve definitely made good progress so far; I’ve already written more than I did last year. So that’s a success! Hopefully I will have more of those as the month goes on.


Daily log

Day 1: 1,802 words

I was lucky enough today to have downtime at work to start off NaNoWriMo! Receptionist jobs for the win! I was amazed how easy it came, and I think part of it was that I hadn’t written anything for this story in a while, so it felt good to get back to it. I also L O V E writing/typing at a desk, which I currently don’t have at home. Everything flows so well! I’m pumped to continue my momentum tomorrow!

Day 2: 1,801 words

The words didn’t come quite so easy today. Once again I wrote while at the front desk at work, but I didn’t have a long, uninterrupted stretch of time like I did yesterday. I had to write in bits and chunks, and I got distracted. I managed to write a bit more once I got home, and that helped me reach the word count for the day.

Day 3: 961 words

Today was just a busy day. Worked all day, had no time to write while at work. After work, I worked out. And after that, I went out to dinner with the family. I managed to do some writing on my phone on the car ride to and from dinner, which was actually surprisingly productive! But I still didn’t quite reach the word count for the day, and I’m okay with that.

Day 4: 2,349 words

I tried word sprints for the first time today, and it was so great! I just did some personal ones, but I found I can write about 600 words during a 15-minute sprint, which is actually quite impressive for me. I broke up my writing into a few sprints, which helped me achieve the daily goal and make up for yesterday. Woot!

Day 5: 1,831 words

Man, I think going into the day with the set expectation for myself to write extra words really messes with my brain. I tried to do more word sprints, but the words aren’t coming quite as smoothly. Since I have time on weekends, it’s easier to split up my writing and come back to it later more refreshed and achieve the daily count, but it was still a bit of a struggle.

Day 6: 1,911 words

Action scene today! I love writing action scenes because they seem to flow so much better from my brain to the page. I don’t know if they’re any good, but they’re always easy and fun to write.

Day 7: 1,048 words

Urgh. I’ve gotten to that annoying point where my writing seems So Terrible and Nothing Is Okay. I’m trying so hard to let it go because when I worry too much, the words trickle out at a snail’s pace and I end up not reaching my daily word count. It’s also hard to write when it feels like I just don’t have enough time in the day to get everything on my to-do list done.

Day 8: 1,705 words

A bit of a fun scene came out in my writing today. I’m finding it hard to juggle the five main characters I have at this point in the story, but they have a fun dynamic when they’re all together. When I find scenes like that, the words just flow! It would have been nice if I spent more time during Preptober just thinking about what sorts of scenes like this I could write. (Note to future self!)

Day 9: 670 words

I volunteered at the library after work today, and was simply exhausted by the time I got home. I managed to write a bit, but honestly I needed to take some time for myself.

Day 10: 0 words

Ahahaha, awkward. Well, I didn’t really mean for this to happen, but I went to the gym after work today and then had to finish some baby hats for the cousin’s shower tomorrow. There just isn’t enough time in the day! Hopefully I can have another productive weekend and get caught back up…I have a reward set for next week that I’m hoping I’ll be able to earn!

Grand total so far: 14,078


Most productive day

Saturday, November 4. I love weekends!

Least productive day

Friday, November 10. Long weeks = unmotivated Brianne.



“You are brave, Freja min.” Harry leaned down to kiss her forehead. “I wish I could say no, just to keep you safe. But I fear even I cannot ensure that any longer.”

“Allow me to keep myself safe.” Freja cracked a small smile. “Who knows? Maybe I will save you one of these days.”


He gently picked up the tiny dragon and cradled it in his palm. It was a small  female, silvery blue and still sleeping softly even while Harry picked her up and stroked her.


“When I look around at us, I see no one who is the same as anyone. We are all different. We all have our different gifts. That is the only way we are same–in that we are all different from each other.”


How is NaNoWriMo going for you? Or, if you’re not a crazy person who hates herself for doing this thing like me…how is your November?!?

Until next time,

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